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It is easier than you might think. Since Roboy is an open source Project all information you need to work on Roboy 2.0 are openly accessible.

We are looking forward for your suggestions in the next phase here on RoboPORT where you can get involved and be active in the development of potencily Roboy 2.1?

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The human body is a marvel from a robotics perspective: it’s agile, strong, soft, dynamic, self-repairing, self-building and completely silent in operation. The goal of the Roboy project is to advance humanoid robotics to the state where its robots are just as good as a human body. To achieve this goal, we create a platform for robot development inspired by biology that unites students, researchers, companies and artists from a broad spectrum of disciplines. To ensure unrestricted development we keep all results open source. And we shape the public perception of robotics to level the cultural ground for our innovation through public displays, arts and public speeches. - Rafael Hostettler (Father of Roboy 2.0)

If you find yourself reading this, you might ask yourself the question how you can contribute in the development of humanoid robots. The Roboy project is open to everyone to contribute and work in all different fields of research.

Right now we would like to know how and what you want to improve on Roboy 2.0. Comment below.

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