B/S/H SmartHome Robotics "Laundry Care" Challenge

We at B/S/H Innovative often ask ourselves the question "How can Smart Robotics support humanity?"
For example, how could a robot help me hang up my laundry?
Our findings show that hanging is one of the most unpopular tasks in the laundry care process. In times of Smart Robotic systems, that does not have to be anymore! Together with YOU, we want to create the innovation that ends this step.

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Initial Challenge - Concept Ideas

What do we expect?

Develop a new robot or automation concept ideas, that takes over parts of the laundry process, automates certain steps, or even addresses the full process!

Your concept ideas can be submitted as:

  • A sketch (Photoshop or even hand painted sketches)
  • A Mindstorms® robot (pictures or video)
  • A piece of code 
  • A detailed concept description (Text supplemented by pictures or references)
  • A model (CAD-file, rendered pictures)
  • A video or pitch deck (MP4 or comparable, PowerPoint)

Everything is allowed! Choose your weapons!



Some food for thought for you:

  • How can laundry be removed from the washing machine?
  • How does laundry have to be positioned so that it can be hung up afterwards?
  • How should the laundry be sorted?
  • Where and how is the laundry placed to be dried at the end? Or does it have to be put into a dryer?

The developed robotic solution should be as simple and as cheap as possible. The system is at best a mobile or portable solution.


What do we offer?

Through the collaborative approach of RoboPORT, we want to give interdisciplinary teams the opportunity to use their creativity in a real robotics project in cooperation with BSH. Find and be part of an awesome and highly skilled team to develop your own robot!


Your benefits?

+ Turn your idea into a real prototype at our BSH Robotics Lab

+ Toolkits at the UTUM & BSH Onboarding Event “Hack & Talk” for every successful first submission to “Initial Challenge”

+ BSH certificates of participation for every team that submitted to “1st Round Idea Submission”

++ Win latest tech devices, drones worth more than 500 € ++
   - Goolsky Drohne SG906 GPS 4k
   - 2 x Sphero BOLT App-Robot

++ Expand your network and make career relevant contacts ++

++ Turn your idea into a real robot ++

++ Get a B/S/H certificate ++

++ Guided Robotics Lab-tours ++

++ Internships, Bachelor and Master theses ++


How do I join?

Create a profile on the RoboPORT platform and then upload your concepts or ideas here in this “Initial Challenge”! When creating your profile, be sure to include your expertise as each team needs complementary skills. There are no restrictions on where you are from or what background you have.


What happens next?

Have a look on the timetable. After your successful submission, you will get an invitation to our “Onboarding@UTUM HACK&TALK” in Garching. From then on, you will work in virtual teams and be able to translate your creativity into the innovations of tomorrow!

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