Personal Service Robot

We are looking for your ideas. Together we want to create new use cases for Serviceroboters.

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How would your personal Service Robot would look like?

Today robots already take over a lot of different jobs (lawn cutting, dusting, etc.) but what would be a function for your home or in your everyday use that you really wish?
Will your robot bring you coffee to work? Does your suitcase drive automatically behind you?


Imagine you could have a personal robot. For your home or your everyday use. What tasks would he do for you? Which functions would he have? How would he look like? In which everyday situation would he be used? Think about the year 2029.

Now it is your opportunity to convince robotics researchers at the Fraunhofer IPA of your idea and let them become reality together.

Entries should include:

  • A 1-page use case description that clearly connects your idea.
  • At least 1 sketch (still or animated) that demonstrate how your Robot would perform his task.
  • At least 1 sketch (still or animated) that shows how your Robot would look like.
  • Any additional documentation to enhance your entry such as technology requirements, operating or deployment approach, etc. (optional).


  • We are looking for creative solutions, but also entries that are realistic and mindful of concerns such as safety, privacy, and security.
  • The robot should create added value and be usable in everyday life.
  • Future vision: in 10 years.

Format of the submissions:

  • Still rendering (GPU rendered) :JPG (minimum 2000 pixels on the longest edge).
  • Animated rendering (GPU rendered) :MP4 (minimum Full HD – 1920 x 1080).
  • Submissions must be sent like MP4 format/png/….

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