How will personal Service Robots support you in your daily life in the future?

Service robots can already do many different unloved tasks for you at home today (e.g. lawn cutting, vacuum cleaning etc.)

But what application or functionality you would love to have in your everyday life in the future?
Will your robot bring you coffee to bed? Does your suitcase drive automatically behind you?


Imagine you could have a personal robot. For your home or your everyday use. What tasks would the Robot do for you? Which functions would it own? How would it look like? In which everyday situation would it be used? Imagine the year 2029.

Now, it is your opportunity to convince robotics researchers at the Fraunhofer IPA of your idea and let it become reality together.

Submissions should include:

  • A detailed use case description that clearly describes your idea.
  • A sketch that demonstrate how your Robot would perform his task.
  • A sketch that shows how your Robot would look like.
  • Any additional documentation to enhance your entry such as technology requirements, operating or deployment approach etc. (optional).


  • We are looking for creative conceptual solutions, but also entries that are realistic and mindful of concerns such as safety, privacy, and security.
  • The robot should create added value and be usable in everyday life.
  • Future vision: in 10 years.

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